Monday, June 23, 2008

DIY Dandi Art

Leezar recently jazzed up her pad with these cute covered canvasses. Full intructions follow and thanks to the beautiful Keira for Modelling!

You will need:
Staple gun,
4 canvasses 12" x 12",
4 Dandi Cotton napkins.
Instructions: It couldnt be easier!
Stretch each napkin over a canvas and staple to the back, be sure to pull it taught. Leezar used 2 x Plain dyed chocolate napkins and 2 x Printed Olive Branch chocolate napkins. It's a simple, cheap and effective way to dress up a wall. What's more is that you can update it easily and co-ordinate it to match your table setting - super chic!

Bonbonniere Dandi Style

Its been a while between posts - the dandi girls have been busy packing and sending orders and preparing for our Bamboo launch - more details on that later. Today we thought we would share with you a neat idea which Manny came up with recently for a wedding she was a bridesmaid for. The Bride had asked her if she had any cute ideas for bonbonniere which would fit into the pink theme of the wedding. Manny came up with these origami lotus flowers made using dandi paper napkins and decorated with a ferrero rocher.

Manny received heaps of comments for these gorgeous and practical keepsakes so if you would like a PDF of folding instructions to make your own for dinner parties or other special occasions then please drop us an email.

Our gorgeous Manny peacefully folding together 140 origami lotuses

The full effect - looks dreamy!

The happy couple - thanks for letting us brag about your wedding!