Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bored of your Board?

They're new, they're bright and they're in HOT demand!

You asked for them and we have delivered. We are proud to announce our popular Holly Berry design is now available in
ironing board covers. So why not add a little colour and warmth to your laundry this winter.

Our adjustable ironing board covers  have two elastic drawing strings and three Velcro fasteners. With foam padding encased within cotton lining you get a smooth surface and a better iron. The cotton materials ensures you can machine wash it to keep it looking like new.

RRP $44.95

Some handy tips to make your ironing easier.

For large items such as tablecloths
, don't use the small end of the ironing board. Instead, lay the fabric (folded, if needed) across the big end of the board and press. Keep the fabric moving forward until it is ironed, then flip it over and press the other side.

Cotton fabrics require a high heat setting. If the fabric is heavily wrinkled, iron it first on the back, then on the front.

For heavily wrinkled clothes, dampen a towel, lay the wrinkled fabric on the towel, and iron. The steam from both sides of the fabric will remove the wrinkles faster. This technique works well on cotton shirts and denim.

Remove clothes from the dryer and
iron while they are still slightly damp to eliminate excess wrinkling