Friday, August 28, 2009

It's over!

We have a back log of posts to get up and it has been a busy week winding down from the fair and gearing up for Christmas (already!). Here are a few images of our stand from the show.

The Dandi stand, very bright! People kept visiting us and saying "We heard about your stand and had to come and see it!"

We showcased our fabrics in old re-painted picture frames. A DIY tutorial on this will be posted soon.

Dandi Puddle Ducks, these were a hit amongst the little ones!

Fabric Origami box kits, a very popular purchase during the fair.

Mindi dons her pini and gets ready for the first day.


Little Miss Emma said...

Love your stand - where did you girls source all of your stands/tables/set-up's from?

material girl said...

Hi Emma! We made the walls from scratch using MDF panels and sourced tables and shelves from everyones favourite swedish shop, but painted them to match our stand. Cheers, Mindi