Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Dandi's dining essentials - How to Set the Perfect Table


- Place utensils in order of use, outside in
- Use order of letters in the the word FORKS for a simple guide to start your table setting. From left to right: F for fork, O is the shape of the plate, K for the knife and S for the spoon. (you forget the R, but apart from that your on the way to the perfect table setting)
- Place dessert utensils tp the right of the knives or above the plate.
- Face the knife blade towards the plate
- Do this simple but easy step for the placement of bread and drinks. Hold your hands down in front of you and touch your fore finger and thumb together on each hand. The 'b' shape is for bread and butter on the left and the 'd' shape is for drinks on your right.
- Place the napkin to the left of the fork or on the plate. Dandi loves the napkin on the plate leaving a blank canvas in the middle of your setting for creative decorating!
- Get creative with napkin folding, place cards and table decorations and centre pieces


- Overdo the decorations
- Place more than three utensils on either sides of your plate, leep it simple and ensure no guest is confused!
- Have too many glasses on the table, as it will become overcrowded. Try to limit it to a water glass and an alcohol glass. Should guests change drinks or have coffee or dessert wines new glasses can be stowed nearby.
- Feel you have to have a bread plate, it's completely up to you
- Have a centrpiece which overcrowds the table and blocks one side of the table from the other.
- Get too tied up with formalities, keep it simple, fun and creative to ensure your guests have a good time.

Dandi's Tips

- Try sticking to a theme, such as a season. You could go out into your garden and use feathers, fresh herbs, flowers or leaves. These could be used as a centrepiece or a simple decoration on each napkin
- Use cool colours for light meals and rich colours with texture for warm, hearty meals.
- Look around your kitchen for decorating ideas, use fruit, vegetables, vases or interesting bottles
- Try mixing colours for contrast and use patterned with plain dyed napery
- Fold your napkin in an interesting way, try placing utensils or a menu in the napkin fold.


whoatemycrayons said...

Great tips, I am always forgetting the rules. Now I will remember FORKS without the R :)