Thursday, October 15, 2009

DIY Wedding Details

As promised previously here are a few amateur photographs of Leezar's DIY Fabric boxes which were made using plain dyed berry fabric. Pictured above you can also see that Leezar made CD's for everyone using her and Corey's favourite tunes to take home with them. Leezar and Corey had requested everyone to write down their favourite song on the RSVP notes so that they could play them on the night, and this was a really sweet way of returning the favour.

Leezar made up a pin board from plain dyed berry fabric and had guests leave their mementos on it. She also place pictures from her's and Corey's parents weddings and pictures of their dogs Polly and Keira. The whole evening came together so beautifully due to Leezar's great attention to detail.


Delilah said...

Very cool. I love the apple theme!