Monday, November 23, 2009

Once Upon : Manny's Exhibition : Leeloo

Here are some pictures from the very cool exhibition, Once Upon, which Manny was invited to be a part of. The exhibition was put on by the online community Leeloo, who support emerging designers and artists.

Once Upon featured the work of 40 Artists who were each given a fairytale to interprete in their style. Manny was given Rapunzel and the above image is her interpretation of this wonderful story.

Manny standing next to her precious illustration, we are so proud!

It was great to see how all the artists conveyed their particular tale, and for us to feel a bit childlike again and reminisce some forgotton stories. Manny's work is on the bottom row, second from the right.

The crowd at the opening night. It was a really good turn out, it got very hot it there!

The Dandi chicks, we are uber avant garde!