Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Chocolates and Neutrals

Winter is set in and we are all rugging up with lots of layers and textures to warm ourselves, so why not use these same principles in fashion trends for your table settings at home.
Start with a dandi plain dyed chocolate tablecloth as your base, then fold a chocolate olive branch tablecloth into a square shape and layer over the top. For something more casual create the layers using our rick rack runners or placemats.

Once you have the tablecloth set up, carry out the earthy theme and use dinnerware made from natural materials such as stoneware or bamboo. Using wooden accessories, such as the dandi bamboo range, not only look great with your wintry setting, they're good for mother nature too.

A big trend this season is to bring the outdoors in. When you're out on your morning walk or pottering around the garden keep an eye out for fallen branches and leaves to use for styling your table. We demonstrated this a fee weeks ago when Caroline brought home some goodies from the Kanagaroo Valley. Click here to view our post.


Little Miss Emma said...

Hi there, just thought I'd let you know that your cool bamboo chopping board is my Object of Desire this week over at Am loving the earthy/rustic tableware too!