Tuesday, July 21, 2009

DIY: Baby Shower Presents

A recent invitation to a baby shower had Mindi itching to get creative with dandi fabrics to make some unique gifts for her friend. Using remnants of Geo Duckegg and Plain dyed Duckegg fabric she created this whimsical cloud mobile which will look stunning hanging in any babies room.

This little stuffed toy kitten is made using a pattern from Amy Butler's free pattern collection which you can download here. It is super easy to make and very cute. As you can see from the photograph it could be used as a regular cushion on any couch and also as a cushion or soft toy for a baby crib.

If you have purchased dandi fabric and made your own projects we'd love to see them, please email us some pictures and we will post them on our blog!


Ammie said...

Oh, my! I LOVE these! THanks for sharing! (I found you from your Meet Me at Mike's comment! My link was http://skemommlenskedaddle.blogspot.com/2009/07/papery-pottery-and-weavery.html)

tea with lucy said...


Handmade baby gifts are the best!