Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Leezar's Birthday

Just one week on from Manny's friand feast and we are eating mountains of cupcakes today for Leezars birthday. These were very buttery, very sweet and very tasty. Not only did Leezar receive a brand new camera for her birthday from her fiance (these pictures are captured on it) but he also sent her a surprise bunch of roses, wine and chocolates!

The rest of the dandi ladies put their thinking caps on about what to get her and came up with a pair of apple trees which will grow side by side in her garden. They are obviously dormant at the moment so we jazzed them up with a few hanging fabric apples cut from plain dyed dandi fabric.

For lunch we went around to the local milk bar and picked up burgers, schnitzel rolls and chips - a tradies lunch! Back to salads tomorrow...